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Lorna Doone

John Ridd and Lorna Doone

Lorna Doone is a full length musical based on the famous Blackmore novel. It was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe where it received high critical acclaim. It has been performed by different groups and in different forms, depending on the need of the group concerned. It is designed so that it can be performed by quite a small company as several major parts do not overlap. Rather in the G&S genre, it makes a colourful and entertaining show for most amateur musical theatre companies to get their teeth into. Its title should overcome any reluctance about box office appeal.

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Ring of White Roses

Rowland and Emmott

Ring of White Roses is a one-act musical in the ballad opera tradition. Generally regarded as the composer's finest work, it tells the true and tragic romance of Emmott Sydall, a nineteen year old girl living in the 17th century "plague" village of Eyam in Derbyshire and her lover Roland Torre, a miller from the nearby village of Stony Middleton. Faced with the high risk that she could catch the fatal disease, she made the choice of duty to stay by her family in the doomed village rather than leave for safety with Roland.

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Brandreth portrayed by Anthony Varney

Brandreth is a "folk" musical based on accounts of the 19th century Pentrich Rebellion. It tells the story of what has been called "England's Last Revolution". A group of Derbyshire villagers led by Jeremiah Brandreth formed themselves into a small army and marched towards London, expecting to join up with other revolutionaries and overthrow the government. Their venture ended in tragedy. First written for a college drama group, the present version is also suitable for any amateur musical theatre group. A version for senior school or college also contains historical background notes and extracts of letters from a Pentrich man who was deported to Australia at the same time as several of the revolutionaries found themselves prisoners there.

The music is published on SibeliusMusic.
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 The following shows are in manuscript at the moment, but are available for use.

The Inheritance 1 and 2.
Two separate one-act musicals which can be performed together to provide a full length show.They provide an hilarious portrayal of a will dispute, and its consequences.

The Interview
A one-act portayal of a common experience.
Cruel, but comic. A bit dated by present interview methods but excellent social comment on English attitudes in  the '70s.

Fanny and Annie
A one-act musical loosely based on a D.H.Lawrence short story. Set in the 1920s, it traces the  comical but touchingly poignant return of Fanny to her roots in the industrial midlands.

The Audition
A one-act portayal of the usual interesting, and sometimes naughty, goings on during audition time.

The Widows of Port Quin
A dramatic one-act opera which tells the true story of a tragedy at a 19th century Cornish fishing village.

The Captive Queen
An opera based on the last days of Mary Queen of Scots imprisonment in Derbyshire.

Madam Will You Walk?
A very simple old fashioned English musical based on a familiar folk-song.

The Snow Queen
A traditional pantomime.